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It’s a playground for James Beard nominated chefs. A celebrated winemaker of your dreams. A cupcake wizard. A mad scientist mixologist. A blank canvas for international artists. Or the hottest local culinary talent.

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Reserve your seat. Classes inspired by food, wine, art and culture.


Drawing inspiration from our namesake who believed “pleasure is the greatest good.”

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Team building with a culinary twist. Or, just the coolest meeting space in town.

Our Legacy

The late Bern Laxer believed strongly that in the business of food and wine, one must be a student for life. In this spirit, dedicated experts, eager novices and everything in-between come together to teach and learn from one another at the Epicurean Theatre. Inspired by Epicurus’ own philosophical school, this space acts as a forum for the open discussion of a range of topics, from cultural trends to the art of mixology and cooking techniques.